1st UK Money Editorial Guidelines

1st UK editorial policy

Our role at 1st UK is to provide you with the resources and guidance needed to make smart financial decisions.

We understand that accuracy and research are paramount when making important financial decisions. That’s why all articles on our site adhere to ethical and legal standards, with a comprehensive fact-checking process for all content.

With 1st UK, you can trust that your decision will be based on the most reliable and relevant information.

Our Proud Editorial Standards

At 1st UK, we understand the importance of making wise and informed financial decisions. Our expert team works tirelessly to break down complex data into straightforward information for many readers.

We are here to provide individuals in the UK with the resources and support needed to make life-altering monetary choices with ease and confidence.

We Are Committed To Our Principles

Regardless of your financial background, we are determined to give you the know-how to confidently make difficult decisions.

We understand that our readers’ choices can have significant implications for their lives, so we strive to deliver precise, accurate and comprehensive content.

Our team includes some of the most respected experts on financial services in the UK, but we are completely independent – no third party influences our materials and philosophy. Be assured that all our advice is impartial and honest.

Transparency Is Our Strength

At 1st UK, integrity is at the core of what we do. We adhere to the clarity standards of the Plain English Campaign, providing clear, unbiased, independent and honest information.

Our content isn’t meant to replace official financial guidance from certified professionals like accountants, lawyers or financial advisors. If you have any worries about any areas of your fiscal decisions, it’s advisable to get professional assistance.

It’s The Truth That Counts

1st UK has a dedicated team of professionals, including researchers, writers, editors and financial professionals, who produce each article listed on the website.

Everyone must provide helpful, unbiased, accurate and empowering information. Moreover, we urge all team members to declare any potential conflict of interest they may have.

Getting The Facts Right

The world of finance is consistently shifting and progressing. This means the details in our articles need to be updated regularly. All changes or corrections will be documented on the page for everyone’s information.

Our Heroic Contributors

1st UK has gone to great lengths to identify and hire financial authors of exceptional pedigree and expertise.

We have been vigilant in our selection process, seeking out individuals who deeply understand even the most intricate economic concepts and can explain them in plain language.

Discover more about our impressive pool of writers, columnists & editors today.

External, Non-affiliated And Outside Sources

We provide transparent 3rd-party content labelling and disclosure to ensure that the information meets our strict standards, policies, and values.

We strive to ensure that what is shared complies with these guidelines to provide a quality experience.

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