Meet The 1st UK Money Team

At 1st UK Money, we have a team of experts with extensive knowledge in their fields to offer you the most comprehensive help.

Our enthusiasm towards our work is undeniable, and we take great pride in delivering unmatched service to all of our customers. We make it a point that our staff should be open-minded and accessible, so they can easily be contacted.

Our team comprises experienced professionals from various areas, such as financial writing, social media, client relationships, data testing, sales, compliance, mortgage and equity release consulting and marketing.

Pete Reeves


Equity release and retirement mortgage expert.

Clare Taylor


Mortgages (commercial and residential) expert.

Dan Fraser


Finance journalist and a key contributor to 1st UK Money.

Kate Miles


Our fun, friendly and talented social media manager.

Mark Jones


Renowned personal finance writer with an interest in adverse credit topics.

Jennifer Hill


Highly regarded freelance finance writer and jargon decoder!

Alise Brown


Financial copywriter and content writer with ten years of experience.

Lisa Stokes


Client relationships. Assisting mortgage applicants from the inquiry to completion.

Carl Rogers


Head of compliance, regulation, internal processes and procedure.

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We’ve sourced some of the most knowledgeable financial professionals, all contributing helpful articles that will give you the direction you need on your personal finance journey.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you content that is accurate, pertinent, and easy to understand. You’ll find comprehensive information on equity release strategies, secured loans, and more here. No matter what type of information you’re looking for, we’ve got it!

Step up your financial game with our help.

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We strive to maintain your trust. We have rigorous standards for our writers and reporters, who fact-check all information before it is published online or in print – this ensures that readers are given the most reliable, honest content possible.

Our editorial team is not compensated directly by our advertisers, so you can be assured that they make decisions without any ulterior motives.

Our commitment to unbiased reporting is unmatched

We go beyond fact-checking to guarantee that our content is free from any prejudices or external pressures from advertisers. Readers can be sure of the accuracy and impartiality of the information we provide – have a look at our editorial standards for more details.

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