Key Equity Release Review Is It Worth It?

key equity release review

If you’re over the age of 55 and considering equity release, Key Equity Release could be a great option for you. This comprehensive Key Equity Release Review explores all aspects of their services, from performance to customer satisfaction, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it is right for your needs.

Expect competitive rates with unique features when choosing Key Equity Release – making this financial solution potentially life-changing.

Short Summary for Key Later Life Finance

  • Key Equity Release provides tailored equity release solutions with expert advice and a wide range of products.
  • Key has achieved an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot and over 60 industry awards for customer satisfaction.
  • Homeowners aged 55+ can access up to 70% of their property value without monthly repayments but should consider associated costs before deciding.

Example Of A Key Equity Release Plan Currently Available:

  • Equity release at 4.96% fixed for life
  • Free valuations available upon request
  • No monthly payments unless you prefer an interest-only option
  • Continue to live in your home while retaining 100% ownership
  • You can still move from your property as this plan is transferable
  • Can be utilised to optimise tax planning purposes
  • Up to 70% loan to value on some plans
  • Help a family member purchase their own home with a small mortgage

Pre-Decision In Principle Application Form:

 equity release provider awards

Understanding Key Equity Release

Key Equity Release is the leading financial services provider in the UK, and as a member of The Equity Release Council, they have authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority.

With their range of products, such as Key Partnerships and Later Life Finance, tailored for those 55 years or older, Key offers customers equity release solutions that meet diverse needs whilst ensuring protection and advice are always given.

Under their umbrella company, ‘The Key Group’, retirees will gain their retirement benefits. Guidance on how to best utilise equity release products within life finance strategies with their key later life finance approaches.

Company Background Of The Key Retirement Group

Key Equity Release has existed since 1998 when it was initially Home Income Gold. Rebranded as Key Retirement Solutions in 2001, the company became known under its current name in 2018 following an acquisition by Partners Group and their parent entity, The Key Group.

Since then, 500 dedicated personnel have allowed them to become a respected player within the equity release market – providing advice for those looking towards retirement with tailored solutions based on individual needs. All of this is part of what’s made Key Equity Release such a trust-worthy option for many over the years since they became who they are today back in ’98.

Services Offered By Key Retirement Solutions

Key Equity Release provides a specialised service to homeowners aged 55 and over by offering lifetime mortgages. Through this type of loan secured against the property, customers can access the equity in their home without needing to sell it. Repayment of existing mortgage only occurs when either the borrower passes away or if they decide to put their house up for sale afterwards.

The company ensures its clients have all the necessary knowledge about releasing their equity and carries out efficient estate planning solutions through its services and relevant expert advice provided on-site at Key Equity facilities.

Customers are guided so that they make informed decisions regarding later life mortgage options available to them. Allowing them to reap the maximum benefits from any chosen methods as part of an effective overall strategy towards safely using existing financial resources within their homes.

Types of Equity Release Products From Key Retirement Solutions LTD

Key Equity Release provides customers with two main types of equity release products: lifetime mortgages and home reversion plans. With a loan secured against releasing equity in their property, lifetime mortgage holders can access the equity in their homes without needing to make monthly repayments until they move into long-term care or pass away.

With a home reversion plan from Key Equity, individuals have the option of releasing funds in one lump sum by selling off some portion of their house. This allows them to access its value without having any continual obligation for repayment due afterwards.

key equity release calculator

Lifetime Mortgages From Keys Equity

Equity release allows customers to access up to 70% of their home’s value via a lifetime mortgage. An Equity Release Council-approved no negative equity guarantee shields beneficiaries from having the loan balance exceed the property’s sale proceeds should it be sold down the line.

Downsizing protection and partial capital repayment allow borrowers flexibility regarding repaying any money released as equity, while long-term care or death results in full payoff of this type of loan plus interest accrued.

Home Reversion Plans VS Key Equity

A home reversion plan is an option for homeowners to get a lump sum payment, steady income or both by selling part of their property to a provider. Normally the amount given as a return will be double what was taken from the equity.

This offers a great benefit in that it allows one access to resources without having to move out, but there’s also the downside that when eventually sold, they won’t receive full value back on their investment.

Assessing Key’s Performance Since Keys Equity Release Was Formed

Key Equity has earned a fantastic reputation, earning it a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot based on more than 16k customer reviews and 60 awards to its name for providing exemplary service and specialist advice in the equity release space.

This makes Key Equity Release an attractive option for homeowners considering taking advantage of their home’s value through the various equity solutions they provide.

Customer Satisfaction With Key Release

Key Equity Release has gained the trust of thousands of customers thanks to its experienced and reliable staff and fast response time. This a clear testament that homeowners can be assured their equity release requirements will be handled with care when using Key’s services.

Industry Recognition With Key Solutions Mortgages

Key Equity has earned great recognition for its first-rate service, collecting over 60 awards to attest to this. This outstanding performance underscores Key’s status as one of the premier equity release providers across the country. It solidifies their capacity as an expert partner people can rely on when it comes to releasing capital from home ownership.

key equity release fees

Eligibility and Application Process With The Help Of The Key Equity Release Calculator

For those wanting to apply for Key Equity Release, applicants must first meet the eligibility requirements – being a homeowner aged 55 and above with a minimum property value of £70,000.

The process involves an assessment at the outset followed by a follow-up assessment. Analysis to decide if they qualify and choose which equity release product best suits their needs.

Age and Property Requirements

Key Equity provides tailored equity release products that are specifically designed to accommodate the financial needs of homeowners aged 55 or older with a property value starting at £70,000.

This ensures they have services that suit their clients perfectly and can be relied upon for assistance in later life. By customising these solutions to fit certain criteria, Key Equity has become one of the most trusted providers within this industry sector.

Application Steps

Equity release is carefully evaluated before any applications for it are approved. The process starts with an initial review to see if this kind of product is suitable and follows up with a thorough assessment by either a specialist financial adviser or an independent financial advisor.

This individual will examine the applicant’s income situation, property worth and eligibility requirements regarding equity release products so that all involved parties can make well-informed decisions about its advantages and disadvantages within their particular context.

It is essential that these risks/benefits related to taking out such services are fully understood before agreeing on them. Ensuring the most fitting plan has been selected based upon one’s personal circumstance.

Key equity release infographic

Costs and Fees Associated with Key Equity Release

When evaluating options for equity release, Key Equity Release is worth considering as they offer competitive interest rates from 3.96%. It’s important to be aware of any additional expenses, such as assessment costs and set-up fees, that may apply before deciding.

To ensure homeowners can make an informed choice about whether this type of financing will meet their needs, it can help to evaluate the full cost structure associated with Key Equity release partners and products.

Interest Rates

When considering an equity release product, it’s worth noting that interest rates are typically higher than those for traditional mortgages. Key Equity Release offers competitive terms with their lowest rate starting from 3.96%. Weighing the pros and cons of this financial solution is important before committing to any agreement.

Additional Charges

When it comes to Key Equity Release, there are a few other expenses that need to be taken into consideration apart from the interest rates. These may consist of valuation fees and setup charges, which could differ depending on the product being used and personal circumstances.

To ensure homeowners can come up with an educated decision about whether this form of equity release is right for them, understanding these extra costs should be looked at closely.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Key Equity Release

Key Equity Release provides homeowners numerous advantages, such as access to tax-free money and a safety net through the no negative equity guarantee.

Certain drawbacks should be taken into account when assessing this financial solution. These include potentially higher interest rates, accruing compound interest, plus any means-tested benefits which may be affected if opting for Key Equity Release. It is critical to analyse both the pros and cons of this option carefully before deciding whether or not it would suit their needs best.


For those seeking to unlock the value of their property, Key Equity Release can offer a secure and tax-free solution. A No Negative Equity Guarantee is in place, which ensures that any heirs are not responsible for repaying an amount higher than the house’s worth upon its owner’s death.

Homeowners may use the money they have accessed towards home improvement projects, daily bills or even care costs, all without being subject to taxation.


Before opting for Key Equity Release, weighing its pros and cons is important. Positively speaking, this financing option can prove advantageous. One should take into consideration potential risks such as high interest rates and compound interest, which might lead the loan’s overall cost to be considerably increased over time.

With equity release comes a possible loss of means-tested benefits like pension credit or council tax reduction that could have an impact on one’s financial standing in a negative manner. Having all these elements carefully considered may be key when deciding if using key equity release is viable for them.

Comparing Key To Other Equity Release Providers

It’s essential to assess Key against other equity release providers to understand its advantages, such as partial capital, early repayment charges and downsizing protection. To do this properly, competitor analysis should be performed to help identify the unique selling points that make it stand out from rivals in the market.

Competitor Analysis

Key stands out from other equity release providers, such as Age Partnership Limited. It provides competitive rates and tailored solutions that meet the needs of homeowners aged 55 or over. This makes it a market leader in this sector for customers who wish to secure financial freedom through their property value.

Key offers unique features that can be adjusted according to each individual’s specific requirements – meaning people can find the ideal solution when considering releasing some of their asset’s worthiness back into cash flow.

Key Solutions Equity Release Unique Selling Points

Key stands out from other top equity release loan providers by offering beneficial features such as downsizing protection and partial capital repayment.

Homeowners can make early payments towards their loan at any time, while if they decide to downsize, the remaining debt on an equity release will be automatically cleared without incurring additional costs or penalties. These exclusive advantages are what draw people in when looking for a reliable provider of equity release solutions.

Tools and Resources Offered by Key Retirement Equity Release

Key provides essential aids and advice to help homeowners think through their equity release decisions. Their free equity release calculator enables them to calculate how much money can be unlocked from the value of their property. They offer useful educational materials designed to guide customers through taking out an equity release product securely and knowledgeably.

Key Finance Equity Release Calculator

Key’s equity release calculator provides an estimate of the funds available from a property based on its age and value. This allows homeowners to understand their potential options, helping them make informed decisions about whether this financial solution is suitable for them.

With Key’s tool at hand, individuals can see how much money they could access through equity release, making it easier for users to unlock the full value of their property while allowing different uses of those obtained funds as needed.

Educational Materials For Key Life Equity Release

Key offers various resources to customers considering equity release, such as guides, webinars and videos. All these materials provide detailed information about the complex process of equity release to help homeowners decide on their finances.

By offering comprehensive educational tools like these, Key makes it easier for people to weigh up releasing capital from their homes. This gives them the necessary details so that the decisions made can be fully informed ones.

Handling Complaints and Resolving Issues With Key Later Life Mortgages

At Key Equity Release, customer satisfaction is a top priority. If a customer ever has an issue they would like to raise, they have established processes for dealing effectively and promptly with any complaint or query.

This can be done either by getting directly in contact with them or by leaving feedback through Feefo and Trustpilot review platforms. With all of these channels available, customers can rest assured that their needs will be heard quickly and addressed appropriately regarding equity release services from Key Equity release advice and team members.

Filing a Complaint with Key Later Life Finance Reviews Frontend

Customers of Key Equity Release who wish to make a complaint can do so by telephone, post or email. When filing their grievance, they should be sure to provide information such as name, address and plan details, along with an extensive explanation of the issue.

Alternatively, reviews may also be left on Trustpilot or Feefo for customers to share their experiences concerning Key Equity services.

Resolution Process and Key Equity Release Reviews Accountability

Key’s complaints team is dedicated to providing excellent service and resolving customer issues quickly. To do this, they investigate all inquiries thoroughly while assigning an unbiased employee to the case who follows their established resolution process for customers’ concerns to be adequately addressed without delay. Their priority remains to maintain top-notch satisfaction at every turn.

Key Equity Release Review Summary

Key Equity Release offers a wide range of tailored equity release products and services aimed at homeowners aged 55 or over, with customer satisfaction and industry recognition being their highest priority.

Comparing the comparisons is hard. Key can help individuals decide if unlocking the value from their home through an equity release product is right for them.

With wise consideration of both positives and negatives, choosing this financial solution could lead to greater comfort in retirement as well as improved security financially speaking.

There are cheap homes for sale in many parts of the UK, especially in the North of England, so if you don’t want key life equity release, you can consider moving to a cheaper home.

Key Equity Release Further Information and Key Equity Release Interest Rates

Head Office: Baines House, 4 Midgery Court, Fulwood, Preston PR2 9ZH, United Kingdom.
Primary Phone Number: +44 800 2943 144

Registration Numbers:
FCA Ref Number: 224987
Companies House Registration Number: 02457440

Frequently Asked Questions For keylaterlife

Does Martin Lewis recommend equity release?

Martin Lewis does not promote the use of equity release in all circumstances but acknowledges it can be beneficial when required. He stresses that people should try to delay taking out a plan for as long as possible and only borrow what is absolutely necessary.

In terms of whether or not this type of finance option is right for an individual, ultimately, this will depend on their financial situation.

What is the interest rate for key equity release?

According to the Equity Release Council’s Autumn 2022 Market Report, the interest rate for an equity release mortgage tends to be around 5.74% (AER), with some loans as low as 3.96%. The highest rate available is 6.70% AER fixed for life.

Which company is best for equity release?

Key Equity Release stands out as the ideal equity release provider with its award-winning customer service and devotion to safety. When considering which company is best for your needs regarding a secure and reliable option, they should be first on your list. Their commitment to providing quality customer care has put them above all regarding equity release solutions.

How does equity release work?

For those aged 55 or older who own their home, equity release offers an opportunity to access some of the value in the property without needing to move out.

This form of finance can provide a lump sum payment up to a certain percentage based on how much equity your house is worth and your age, whether as one big amount or several smaller instalments over time.

It is certainly beneficial for homeowners looking for extra funds when necessary since it enables them to tap into their residence’s potential capital with relative ease.