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Blemain Finance: Just One Brand That’s Now Part Of Together Money

Heard the name Blemain Finance, tried to look them up and low and behold, there’s just a slight mention at the bottom of that reads “Blemain Finance Limited is authorised and…”

Well, they are. But what you may not know is that Together Money is Blemain Finance. They’re also part of a collection of trading names for the parent company Jerrold Holdings Limited.

Other recognisable names in the portfolio of lenders under Together Money include:

  • Auction Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • Cheshire Mortgage Corporation
  • Lancashire Mortgage Corporation

With all that going on, it’s clear to see why a unification of all the brand names was seen as a good way forward. That’s Why Together Money is called what it is. The name comes from a consortium of successful brands that have been established for over four decades.

While Blemain may have disappeared from the surface, the brand’s core values that brought them the success they had (and have) live on through Together Money.

At the time of the brand overhaul, the total pre-tax profits were £70.1M on a loan book value of over £1.4BN. Today, Together Money has a loan book exceeding £2 Billion across all their product range, including:

  • Secured loans
  • Second charge loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Bridging Finance
  • Auction Finance
  • Commercial funding including development finance


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A Better Approach To Secured Lending

The one thing with Blemain, now Together, have maintained since their inception in 1974 is a smarter lending approach. One that’s never relied on technology for decisions that qualified staff should be making. There’s never a computer says no mentality.

Throughout the years, Blemain always maintained a tailored approach to personal lending. It works because it’s different to how most personal finance lenders operate. With much of the loan processing automated.

Generations of homeowners and likely some business owners now will have experienced a lending hand from one of Together Money’s former brands.

One of the later products to be released by Blemain was their Second Charge mortgage line, offering three distinct advantages:

  • It was cheaper for homeowners than a remortgage

This was an excellent solution for every homeowner with an impaired credit rating. If they did have to remortgage, the entire outstanding balance on the home would be subject to a higher interest rate, bringing the total cost of home ownership excessively higher than expected.

When Blemain introduced their second mortgage range, they knew the market gap. Homeowners who’d otherwise be forced into remortgaging at higher interest rates because of blips on their credit file.

The impaired credit second charge mortgage was the solution for many a homeowner to free up cash for property improvements, buy a new car, improve their homes, and even expand it.

  • It was faster to access the money

Turnaround time was something Blemain were efficient with; they were offering a second mortgage product and one that had to be a better alternative to a remortgage. Speed was it. Any regulated product could be approved with funds released in under a month. Sounds a while. But, keep in mind, the average processing time for a remortgage is between two and three months. Blemain’s efficient processing could see funds released and in the customer’s bank account within 17 days from application.

  • The application process was far simpler

When a customer needed a remortgage, the amount of paperwork required was substantial. Up to 20 pages. With a secured second charge loan from Blemain, paperwork was reduced to as much as a tenth of a remortgage application. Just two forms would be sufficient for the underwriters to review the data and give a decision in principle the next working day.

All in all, Blemain are among the pioneers of second charge loans for homeowners with impaired credit ratings. Together Money is the rebranded consortium able to approve on a variety of financial products, both on regulated consumer financial products and more complex unregulated financial products for commercial purposes and the semi-commercial too.

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