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3 Of Our Most Popular Sub Prime Products

Adverse Remortgages

Massive Choice.  Flexible Terms. Bad Credit & CCJ's Considered.

Broker Only Secured Loans

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Poor Credit Mortgages

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Together Money for Bad Credit Secured Loans. Also Catering For Prime Credit Clients

Together Money is always a welcome surprise to the homeowner looking for a secured loan with bad credit. They are in the specialist lender category with tailored products and offerings ranging from subprime mortgages for high rise flats financed under rent to buy schemes, which, for the most part, high street lenders don’t want to touch.

When you’re in a corner, Together Money is there, work with you and your broker to find a solution that’ll work for the long-term.

Products and Services Offered by Together Money:

  • Standard Mortgage Products
  • Remortgage Solutions
  • Bespoke Products for Right to Buy Customers
  • Poor credit second mortgages and bad credit secured loans are considered
  • They do Cater to Mortgages for the Self-Employed
  • Shared Ownership Customers also welcome
  • Build your own? Being specialist, there’s even non-standard construction mortgages
  • First Time Buyers Welcome
  • As are Consumer Buy to Let Customers.


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Standout Services For Secured Loans

The Consumer Buy to Let (CBTL) mortgage is a multi-purpose finance option that can even be used for property improvements or as finance for a renovation project. That is something many lenders won’t do. The only thing you can’t do with a CBTL mortgage through

Together Money is buy a property. You can only borrow via a secured loan on an existing BTL mortgage, regardless what lender the original finance is with because the property’s used to raise finance through a 2nd charge secured loan.

Where this light approach to lending comes in handy is with properties bought at auction in need of renovating. Where other lenders run a mile, Together Money welcome the challenge, meet it head on and work with you to arrange finance on a wide variety of property types.

Those include high-rise flats (above 6 storeys high), both steel and timber-framed builds, and even defective properties that can’t be sold until it can function as a home, such as having a kitchen and bathroom fitted or repaired to have running water and a flushing toilet.

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Main Area Of Speciality

Non-standard financing for Non-standard properties...

Where Together Money really know their stuff is the non-standard area of the property market. Any lender can make an offer based on a valuation report, run through a range of fees, costs, expenses, and give you a decent LTV (loan to value ratio) and a hint at whether they could approve or not. With Together Money - if you have non-standard circumstances and need a secured loan for a non-standard property, this is one of your top-tier specialty lenders to consider.

They offer secured loans for personal finance and with multi-purpose spending in mind, meaning you can do what you like with the cash you raise. They only care that you repay it and they are risk tolerant to a lot of cases. They are flexible with proofs of income too so if you’re self-employed they’ll accept (among other types) wage slips from part-time work, p60, bank statements, pension statements and rental income from BTL.

Terms are offered to vary from 3-years to 30-years and can be standard rates, fixed rates or variable rates. The pricing structures are clear and there are flexible interest rates to suit most budgets.

An Example of the Cost of Borrowing with Together Money:

Keep in mind that the interest rate you’re offered will be dependent on your risk category and that of your property. However, they’re typically around 6.65% on a variable rate.

The overall cost for comparison given is:

“£70,000 payable over 10 years on our variable rate for the loan term of 10 years at our current rate of 6.65% (variable) would require 120 monthly payments of £860.20 plus a redemption administration fee of £150.00” (Source: Together Money).


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Overall Closing Thoughts On Together Money Loans

Given you can overpay without incurring a penalty, Together Money may just be the right specialist lender to finance whatever you have in mind, regardless of what’s on your credit file.

Adverse credit applicants are considered and the lender is risk tolerant and flexible to a lot of non-standard cases.

Together Money are only one of many specialist lenders. Find out if they would be suitable for your particular needs and if they really would be your best choice. Our brokers can compare Together Money with other leading specialist lenders to find the best deal with the lowest fees and on flexible terms.


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