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At 1st Uk Mortgages , we can often help where others fail. If any of the above apply to you, please complete our no obligation Enquiry Form and let us see what we can do to help.

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Why Choose Us For Your Financial Needs?

1st UK Mortgages specialise in assisting homeowners with a poor credit rating to break through the barriers and find suitable secured finance options.

We make the process as easy as possible, consider all circumstances and have access to Specialist Lenders with Unique Products.

That means we can and will search our Panel of Specialist Lenders to find a suitable secured loan regardless how impaired you think your credit file is... chances are, lenders have approved on worse.


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How Secured Loans with Bad Credit Work

For those with a bad credit history, loan refusals become somewhat the norm. Banks, building societies and other mainstream lenders will use automated screening processes using historical financial data found on your credit report. This usually results in a rejection and a hard hit left on your credit report making it even more difficult to obtain a secured loan with bad credit.

What’s Meant By A Bad Credit Secured Loan?

For those with very bad credit, loans are definitely hard to come by. Searching online on comparison sites will yield very little success however it can be beneficial as a starting point. There are far too many variables, but the most important variable is that you need to use a specialist lender. Bad credit finance options are not available from mainstream banks and building societies on the high street. Those lenders are referred to as prime lenders meaning they cater to those with a reasonable credit history.

A bad credit secured loan is a financial product for people that lenders see as having an unsettling credit score and it requires security. Your home is the security and it can be used to access finance for as much as £100,000 if required. All secured loans will be means tested to ensure you can comfortably afford to repay the monthly payments even if the interest rates were to rise.

The interest rates are higher than standard mortgage products but nowhere near as high as they would be on unsecured loans with bad credit because your home is used as collateral to reduce the level of risk to the lender, so in effect: they level the playing field.

Repayment periods can be longer on secured loans, running up to 30-years. However, shorter repayment terms are available so it would be possible to use a bad credit secured loan for a lower amount of finance if, for example, you’ve been rejected for a standard unsecured (personal) loan by using your home as security.

When your financial records show lenders that you’ve previously defaulted on any financial product, all lenders will scrutinise the application more thoroughly.

What they need is a way to minimise the level of risk there is of you defaulting on the loan repayment, and the easiest way to do that is by using your property as security. It is rare to find any lender offering loans for bad credit, with no guarantor, or without any type of security being required. Using your home is a sure-fire way to lower the risk-level your credit files present to a lender.


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Secured Loans, Bad Credit, Direct Lender Etc. How to Make Sense of It All

Once you know you need to use a subprime lender to access a loan for any amount, the next choice you need to make is whether to work directly with the lender or use a broker or advisory service to help you secure the finance you need.

To access secured loans for bad credit, direct lenders are companies who work exclusively with you and provide the finance. The alternative method and often the preferred is to use a mortgage broker or advisory service. Finding your way around financial products is not an easy feat.

You will come across a variety of terms, often resulting in confusion. The 1st UK Mortgages team’s objective is to keep things as simple as possible for our customers and we use our knowledge of the mortgage market and our understanding of each lender on our panel to find the right lender willing to accept the level of risk a potential customer presents. In our experience, most customers think their credit history is worse than what lenders actually see as a high-risk.

The Suitability Of Our Bad Credit Secured Loans

Whilst we do have a high success rate in securing loans for our customers, we do advise that you think your options through very carefully because the finance is secured against your home. It’s a lower level of risk to lenders, but it’s far higher for you, the borrower. There is a real risk that if you run into financial trouble during the term of your loan, you would be putting your home at risk.

The longer you take the secured loan repayment terms for, such as 25-30 years, the lower your monthly repayments will be. That said, the lower your monthly repayments are, the longer it’ll take to repay in full, so there will be a higher amount of interest charged over the term of the loan.

What can happen is when people with a bad credit rating find themselves unable to access a personal loan, or a debt consolidation loan, they’ll try to get the same amount approved by a lender using their home as security, thus lowering the interest rate. This can work, making it a viable financing alternative for clearing personal debts such as high credit card balances, car repayments and other personal debts that come with a high APR because of poor credit.

Because the loan is secured against your property, it’s likely that a secured loan for bad credit applicants will have a lower interest rate, but higher overall interest charged if it’s taken over a longer period. This is why the secured loan option can be suitable for multiple purposes. The only thing you can’t do with a secured loan is use it for business purposes because that presents the lender with a real risk they won’t take on due to not knowing what profits and therefore income if any, the business would produce.

Acceptable Bad Credit Entries On Your Credit Files

We will consider all circumstances and work with lenders to secure the finance you need. The most severe credit entry to have on your credit file is bankruptcy. Most lenders won’t consider a secured loan for applicants who have declared bankruptcy in the last 6-months to 1-year. The longer ago it happened, the better chance there is of securing finance.

All other circumstances can be approved, provided your application is sent to the most appropriate lender. The more we know about your personal financial circumstances, the better a position our team will be in to know which subprime lending company would be the most likely to approve a secured homeowner loan based on your individual personal circumstances.

It could be that there have been minor defaults reported, or perhaps just one missed payment, even a missed mortgage payment, or perhaps there’s not enough of a credit history for a lender to assess your risk level, such as if you’ve never taken out credit before. Having no credit history can present the same problems as having bad credit entries on your credit files because it’s impossible for lenders to risk assess your application. It is still possible to reduce the risk presented by increasing the deposit amount, thus lowering the LTV (Loan-to-Value) amount such as borrowing £40,000 on a property worth £100,000 - 40% LTV.

While we do consider all forms of bad credit entries, there are only a few specialist subprime lenders that will cater to more extreme defaults such as bankruptcy and CCJs.


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Is a Bad Credit Secured Loan Really the Best Option for You?

Homeowners with a bad credit history will find themselves more than likely to be approved on a secured loan than they would a personal loan, but it’s definitely not a decision to take lightly just for the sake of being approved.

An unsecured loan is the cheaper option in terms of the total amount of interest payable due to it being taken over shorter repayment terms.

Some Common Reasons for Taking Out a Secured Loan Include: 

  • Repaying a loan over a longer period of time, such as 20-years instead of 7-years, so lowering the monthly repayments.
  • Being able to borrow more than you would be able to access using an unsecured loan. Typically, amounts of over £25,000.
  • The eligibility criteria on secured loans are not as strict as they are for unsecured finance, because there is security being offered to the lender.

The Burning Question - How Much?

Is there a Secured Loans Bad Credit Calculator to Work Out the Total Cost of a Loan? 

Using any mortgage calculator online will only give you an average repayment cost. Interest rates are variable, and the total amount repayable reduces each year as the capital of the loan is reduced.

There is no way to know what the total cost of a bad credit secured loan will be until you know the interest rate you’re offered. There’s no universal acceptable rate for subprime mortgages as the interest rate you’re offered will be dependent on the nature of adverse credit you’re affected by. The more severe the negative credit entry/entries are, the higher the interest will be. Likewise, with minor defaults, the interest rate you’re quoted will reflect the lower level of risk involved.

Flexible proofs of income including:

  • Pensions
  • State benefits
  • Investment income
  • Self-employed
  • Full and part-time employed
  • Lodgers rental income
  • Income from buy-to-let property rent


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How We Help Ease The Process And Get Secured Loans Approved

The equity you own in your home is yours. We help you use your home equity as security by arranging secured finance at the best interest rate we can help you secure. How you choose to use your equity once it’s released is entirely up to you.

The tricky part is getting through the financing process without a glitch or any more damage being done to your credit report.

When you work with our team...

  • We ensure there is only a soft print on your credit files, meaning your credit score isn’t affected
  • You get our in-house expertise of the entire subprime mortgage market making sure you get the right deal for your circumstances
  • We talk in plain terms, explain what we need from you and why and make the process as simple as possible with minimum hassle and no commitment

Why Choose 1st UK Mortgages for Bad Credit Secured Loans

Our team have years of experience in the mortgage field, know all the subprime lenders and have dealt with some severely impaired credit scores successfully. Our aim is simple and that’s to help those with bad credit access what they already own. Equity in your home. We make it easy for homeowners to raise finance when the mainstream lenders refuse.

We work with hundreds of lenders, some of which are extremely specialist lenders laser focused on serving customers with disadvantageous credit reports. We’re all experienced, non-judgemental, down-to-earth and will help you navigate your mortgage options to find the best deal that’s a perfect fit for you.

Get in contact with us today to find out how (not if) we can help secure the finance you need.

Secured loan lenders in the 2020 marketplace

There are many second charge lenders in the marketplace today that are willing to lend against the stable and secure UK property market.

In April 2019 alone another 3 lenders approached 1st UK looking for business. Some are willing to lend at a high overall LTV, some lower rate lenders are more conservative with their LTV (loan to value).

Some lenders are willing to be less concerned about unsecured borrowing commitments and some are keen to see affordability across all the borrowers credit commitments.

Only an experience broker knows these subtle features of each lender. Below is a list of just some of the 1st UK offerings for 2nd charge lenders.

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1st UK
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by Mrs Swainson on 1st UK
speedy processing of my loan application

1st UK gave me a fast decision, and the process was straightforward. Pete my manager was friendly and courteous at all times despite me making many calls to their office.

by Martin Toms on 1st UK
Thanks 1st UK!

The 1st UK team offered me some some very competitive secured loan rates even though my credit score was far from being perfect. They talked me through the application which was explained in an easy to understand manner.

by Mrs Black on 1st UK
How refreshing they did exactly what they promised!

I'd wasted time working with people that didn't know what they were doing. 1st Mortgages understood me and got me the secured loan I needed.

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